Lorrie Tomlinson offers a Trail Report for Hawksnest from December 25th

Mother Nature missed the white Christmas by one day! When we arrived at Hawksnest at 8:30am, it was snowing – just some flurries, but SNOW nonetheless. Within an hour, all precipitation had stopped. However, the temperature was steadily dropping. Around 10am, the snow returned. The snow flakes were much larger and accompanied by strong wind gusts, creating a "white out". Before lunch time, the temperature at the top of the blue lift was 28, a substantial difference than the 37 reading in Boone a few hours earlier. The roar of the snow guns echoed across the mountain and was a welcomed sound. Snow making was still underway when I left Hawksnest around 8pm. At that time, the accumulation was minimum and probably resulted in less than an inch. The roads were clear. Let winter officially begin!