We have so MANY vacations to giveaway this season that I simply allowed this weekend’s getaway to slip through the cracks.  However just to show you the power of the internet, we posted the contest at 4pm or slightly before and within 10 seconds got the first entry!  Within the first minute we had 40 entries and as of just now (20 minutes later) we’ve had 792 entries!  YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Anyway, Statesboro, Georgia entrepreneur, Jay Saxon (a builder and developer there) was the first entry.  He told me that he’d just walked in and sat down at his desk, logged onto our page and entered with "PICK ME, PICK ME". So I buzzed him; he answered and I said, "WE PICKED YOU! WE PICKED YOU!"

Of course he replied with, "You’re kidding!" (All of you guys say that!) …and then he told me that he had been entering our contests for the past five years and had never won anything.  Well this time he did!  As a funny side-note, I asked him, "Jay all you have to do is tell me that you’re over 25 years old and that you can make it this weekend."


You guys don’t know how that gets to me.  You know – we post on the page DON’T ENTER UNLESS YOU CAN MAKE THE TRIP.  Anyway, he hesitated, said "hold on" and obviously turned and asked his wife, "Are we doing anything tomorrow night?"  I could hear her answer, "We’re going to a party."  To that he responded, "Well cancel the party, we’re going skiing."  He quickly added, "This is the SkiNC folks and we just won a free cabin vacation, free skiing, everything!"

SHE SQUEALED! (We like it when people squeal.)

He came back on the phone and said, "Well I guess you just heard that!"

So Jay, his wife and kids are going to attend WinterFest at Ski Beech this weekend and stay in a gorgeous vacation rental, compliments of www.BlueRidgeVacationCabins.com! They are skiing FREE Compliments of www.SkiBeech.com and getting FREE equipment rentals from the great guys at www.SkiCountrySports.com

If you didn’t win this time…check in a day or so as we’ll post another FREEBIE!

Until next time!

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Mike Doble
Mike is the Editor and founder of SkiSoutheast.com, SkiNC.com and ResortCams.com. Since September 1996 he has posted close to 14,000 posts, articles, photos and videos promoting all of the ski areas of North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland.Mike is the father of four daughters, is an avid skier and enjoys golf, tennis, kayaking and hiking in the mountains. Winter snowsports and Summer boating on Watauga Lake are among his favorite pastimes.