Hey SkiSoutheasters, don’t pack up yet, there’s still Snow waiting

Photos by Dylan and David McCue at Wintergreen, Virginia

David sporting his new SkiSoutheast Hoodie. Thanks for representing!

There are turns to be had if you want them. Yesterday I had already decided to get some runs in at Wintergreen since they had kindly moved back their closing date for a week and since it was the only window I had to ski a day with either of my sons this season. I figured last days were better than no days although the forecast was for continued rain right up until our arrival.

However, Wintergreen and Massanutten, and I suspect Bryce, turned out to be on the lucky side of the WV/VA border for this one. The rain unexpectedly turned to snow all day Thursday at a firm line a few hundred feet below Wintergreen’s lower elevation. The demarcation was remarkable, and it went from wet roads to a late winter wonderland after a few curves up the mountain when we arrived Friday morning.

All expectations were exceeded, I spent the day skiing and laughing with my son and some new friends at this unexpected, not exactly powder, let’s say chowder event. I’m still chasing this storm further north, it’s 2 a.m. in Vermont right now (I think, maybe still New York) so I shall just sign off with some pictures and a word of encouragement to all –get out and get some more good runs. The snow is still out there, and your boats and golf clubs won’t sink or rust quite yet.

Last turns are best turns and all snow is good snow; especially as an end of season bonus.

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David McCue
David McCue grew up in Amarillo, Texas and annoyed the natives of New Mexico and Colorado by skiing on their mountains throughout his childhood and teens. He put down his neon 200cm GS skis for nearly twenty years until the fateful day he took his own young sons for a half day to Cataloochee. He has never looked back, except when alone and deep in the trees. A carpenter by trade, the uncertainties of the housing market have further honed David’s snow skills. He now resides with his patient wife on the banks of the Haw River in central North Carolina and annoys the natives of West Virginia by skiing on their mountains.