I have received several emails Sunday and this morning asking us about “our take” on the “fact” that Hawksnest Ski Resort was sold – and what our thought were.

NOT SO FAST…people! Let me be very clear so that there is no misunderstandings. HAWKSNEST HAS NOT, I REPEAT, NOT BEEN SOLD.

That word comes straight from Lenny Cottom of Hawksnest. Hopefully that will put to rest anymore rumoring. Probably not.

What IS a fact is that there is an INTEREST in purchasing the resort. However as Lenny told me himself, any potential sale would have to be contingent on a new owner being allowed to do things that the Town of Seven Devils has been nixing in the past. Lenny said, “He would probably want to do many of the same things that we’ve been wanting to do, so it’s up to the Town.”

Lenny did tell me that the remarks that he’s heard and seen on the messageboard are full of misinformation and not accurate. I also shared that I had received some emails from other people in the area and close to the resort who shared information with us “as facts” and he said that these too were inaccurate and should not be trusted.

He could not have been clearer when he said, “Mike, I have only spoken with the interested party twice for about 15 minutes and I don’t know what this gentleman’s plans are regarding the resort.”

Cottom said that the rumors and stories began flying when one of the brokers started talking and that any comments, supposed plans, etc are totally speculations and based on nothing concrete at this point.

Anyone who can read between the lines should be able to ascertain that the Cottoms have received some contact and real interest in the purchase of the resort. There evidently has been a statement made that if the Town would allow this POTENTIAL new owner to expand and implement some of the very same things that the Cottoms themselves have not been allowed to do – then he would purchase the resort.

I’m no attorney, but if the Town were to allow any potential, new owners to implement the things that the Cottoms were not allowed to do, then they would have some serious explaining to do.

I asked Lenny if there was a possibility that this potential owner might discontinue skiing operations. Lenny replied that he could not rule that out, but he also quickly added that he didn’t think that any solid gameplans had been formulated at this stage.

I’m sure the rumor mill will continue to build momentum, but at this stage we’re here to tell you that there is no Hawksnest sale at this point. There is only an interest that it contingent on how the Town of Seven Devils might work with ideas of change, etc.

We’ll keep you posted.

Until Next Time…


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