Got $270,000? That will buy you a Ski Resort in Montana! It’s True!


We receive some interesting industry news from time to time, but this little snippet of news caught my eye just a bit ago.  There’s a quaint, little ski area (2 lifts and 26 trails) in Montana that is in great need of a new owner.  The current owners of the ski area, called Teton Pass, which is located in Montana say that the small ski area won’t open this year unless a new buyer can be found.

The ski area has been on the market for several years and a group of local owners took over the struggling resort about 10 years ago. According to published reports, they’ve made improvements to the facility however the current owners are busy with other jobs and can’t devote the time needed to keep the resort operating as according to them – "keeping the resort open has meant a lot of extra work".  Ya think!?!?! It’s hard enough operating a ski resort when it’s your ONLY thing to do.  Try doing it part time!

The current owners are optimistically confident that they can sell the ski area and stay open this season. According to them they turned nearly 3400 skier visits last season and employ about two dozen seasonal employees.

The ski area is normally opens in mid-December.

THE PRICE???  $270,000.

(If I was a single guy…. 🙂

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Joe Stevens
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