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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have the answers!

The answers to just about any question that you may be asking can be found on our website. However, if you have a specific question that is not addressed on the site, or you have requested assistance that needs specific or special attention, feel free to use our Online Request Form.

With thousands of visitors a day, we do ask that you view our FAQs first however.

When does the season begin?

Typically, ski season opens Thanksgiving weekend and runs through the end of March. However, over the last few years, resorts have been able to open sooner, and the normal closing date is March 31st, depending on the weather. (Some resorts have begun to stay open into the first week of April, so you'll have to continue to check our slope conditions!

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How are the roads during inclement weather?

SkiSoutheast is THE ONLY source to find out what the roads are like during inclement weather. The area's departments of highways are extremely talented at getting all of the ski access roads clear, as well as all major roads and highways. Even during big storms, the main roads are rarely not drivable. Four wheel drive and/or chains are advised during snowfalls, however.

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Where can I find Accommodations/Lodging?

You can find lodging links right here. It's best to book early! We cannot advise where vacancies are, but we can tell you that we have the most extensive list, so just click and ask away! Slopeside lodging books first so, if you want on the slopes, make reservations early!

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How about lodging for groups?

We have had groups (such as churches and larger family groups) ask about lodging for 15+ and we have now addressed that question on our accommodations link.

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What's the current weather or forecast?

(Is it likely to snow during January, etc.) Well, we can't predict the weather for months ahead. However, we CAN tell you that we typically get numerous snowfalls (some heavy) during November, December, January, February and March. If you want to see the current weather and 5-day forecast, check out our sister site,, and you can also see a detailed weather forecast on the front page of this website.

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In the past, I've called ahead only to have someone at a ski lodge tell me to "come on up, the snow's great!" Then we show up to rocks and bare spots. What gives?

Well, we have to tell you that the resorts themselves ALWAYS want to tell the reports on conditions accurately. However, sometimes overzealous employees have (and still can) overstate the conditions. You can count on SkiSoutheast to tell it like it is. We also have several LIVE views of the High Country on our WEBCAMS! Check them out: Ski Area WebCams

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How much are Season Passes?

Season Pass information can be found by FIRST, selecting the resort you are interested in and then viewing their rates.

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Where can I do some Cross Country Skiing?

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I'd like some directions to the resorts. Also, what are the closest airports?

You can see basic information at For more detailed maps, most of the search engines have map sources that allow for filling in your starting city and the destination of your choice to provide maps.

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Flying into the area:

If you have decided WHICH resort you wish to visit, simply click on the that resort link on the front page of this website. On EACH resort page, we have included the closest airports.

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Advertising Contact For SkiSoutheast :

The phone number listed here is for ADVERTISING CONTACT ONLY. If you are interested in advertising, call our offices at 828-963-7286 and ask for Mike.

If you are inquiring about ANYTHING OTHER THAN ADVERTISING, please feel free to use the form above or you can send us an e-mail to, and we will be happy to answer your inquiry usually the same day during the season.

Due to the volume of inquiries that we receive per day, we are simply NOT able to assist those kinds of questions via our phone lines.