Early Season Conditions “spark” negative reviews

Well this was my first trip to Sugar Mt. I was there from 6pm to about 930pm this evening. Some things I noticed:

1. Everyone complaining about the slow lift was right on. It took forever to get to the top, plus it stopped about every 2-3 mins.

2. Only two types of skiers out there tonight. The first was wearing jeans, and should have had ‘yard sale’ tattooed on the back of their neck. The other was trying out for the Olympics. I saw ski patrol haul someone down over 4 times.

3. Conditions were what I expected. They did have all the way to the top opened, but it was extremely icey at top, and alot of marbles. Rough stuff. Other than that, and a few thins spots – I was happy, and felt I got my 28 bucks worth.

4. Sugar makes me feel like I am back in Florida. Over half of the people there were speaking spanish – including lifties.

5. It was packed!!!! Lift line was over 50 deep at any given time.

Additional Report from Sugar on Saturday night:

Not too impressed, I would rate the conditions a 2.5 on a 10 scale. Some bare/thin spots here and there, lighting was poor and I never knew if it was a shadow or a bare spot until it was too late. Crappy grooming job leaving golf ball sized rollers everywhere (reminds me of home). Late in the session all the snow pushed to the sides and I found several good lines on the edges for working on edging and turns. Swithchback was scraped bare.

Boy, that lift sure is slow. We were loading at midstation to avoid the beginners at the bottom.

They have lost a lot of coverage. Found a few rocks with the AllStars, and left them at Ski Country for tuning. Everyone was "sparking" around.

Anyway, good to make a few turns to get the kinks worked out.

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Mike Doble
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