Deep Creek Snow Report

Wisp Ski Resort and the region known as Wisp Ski Area are located atop a large mountain peak known as Marsh Mountain. It is found in the westernmost county in Maryland, Garrett County MD, in the town of McHenry which is right on the shores of Deep Creek Lake. Renowned for its year-round vacation appeal, Deep Creek Lake is a famous spot to enjoy a variety of four-season outdoor activities, including Deep Creek MD Skiing in the winter when the natural Garrett County Snow falls. In fact, in the winter time, this region of Maryland experiences a great deal of natural snowfall. Looking for information on the Deep Creek Snow Report? has update condition reports for the Deep Creek Snow Report and Garrett County Ski Report. It is our hope that in this next season the region will be blanketed with layers and layers of Garrett County Snow, making for the best ski and boarding conditions on the East Coast!

Typically, during winters past, the annual numbers and states on Garrett County Snow point to an average snowfall of about 115-120 inches of snow. This past 2008/2009 Deep Creek Snow season was a bit milder than the usual average and only reported a little over 80 inches of snow in most places throughout the region. According to statistics and the usual weather almanacs, the next few Deep Creek Ski seasons should see plenty of Garrett County Snow with predictions pointing to heavier than average snowfalls.

The expert groomers and members of the talented design and grooming team create manmade snow throughout the entire Deep Creek Ski season. However, when natural snow falls as well it really makes for optimal Deep Creek MD Ski conditions at Wisp Resort. Just think, each winter season at Wisp Ski Resort more than 10 feet of natural snow falls on the slopes, creating optimal Garrett County Ski Conditions at Wisp Mountain Resort.

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