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We are proud of the growth of and and we are proud to incorporate more input from our featured columnists. The following SkiNC and SkiSoutheast Columnists contribute many informative and entertaining articles throughout the season.

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Brad Panovich

Mike Doble

Mike is the Editor and founder of and Since September of 1996 he has written more than 2800 articles promoting all of the ski areas of North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. While attending to the thousands of emails, photo submissions and On-Snow reports that come in all season long, Doble also owns and operates a full service web design and marketing company that has more than 800 clients in 30+ states and several countries.

He shares that it was his passion for all things snow that prompted him to start the ski network and since that time the website has gained popularity through it's webcam and weather content as well.

Mike is the father of four daughters, is an avid snow and water skier, football freak of his alma mater (the University of South Carolina) and hearty promoter of all that is Western North Carolina to West Virginia and Maryland. Mike spends his off time with his horses, playing golf, tennis and boating on Watauga Lake with his family and friends, coaching local soccer teamsand oh yes...Snow Skiing!

During other seasons Mike is heavily involved in promoting tourism via websites such as,,,, and many more. Email Mike at

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Tim Bahlke welcomes the addition of Tim Bahlke of Greensboro, North Carolina to its management team. Tim was formerly a partner and VP of Product Development for Web Decisions, a database driven, marketing solutions and advertising company based in Greensboro, N.C. Bahlke will be handling many of the day-to-day operations of the content for, and the many weather related websites. Tim is an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoys hiking, paddling and of course skiing the area's many ski resorts. Tim is a native of Boone, NC, received a degree in Outdoor Recreation Management from ASU, and has worked as a ski instructor, rental technician, and outdoor guide with many of the region's resorts, retail shops, and outfitters. Tim has big plans to grow a year-round online presence that puts as much focus on the region's hiking, biking, whitewater rafting, paddling, and outdoor activities - as we now do on snow skiing and snowboarding.

"I'm very excited about leading the website into its next chapter of success. I've already been working with the AppNet team to implement new ideas that we'll be bringing to my own outdoors website ( and the four seasons of outdoor activities and of course I can't wait until the 2013-2014 ski and snowboarding season to get fully involved in that part of the process." Email Tim at

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Tonette Fisk

Tonette grew up in Northeastern PA and moved to Boone North Carolina in the fall of 2010 when her husband took the Assistant Wrestling Coach position at App State. We welcomed her to our Appnet staff a year later mainly as an SEO consultant, and have just recently brought her on board to SkiSoutheast.

When Tonette and Matt Fisk moved to the area, they weren't sure how long their new residency would last. In just a few short months, however, they fell in love with the Blue Ridge Mountains, Carolina charm, and High Country living. They had taken a chance and ended up moving to what they now consider one of the most wonderful places on earth. In April of 2012 they welcomed the birth of their first child, and unlike their own roots, they're liking the idea of her growing up as a Southern Belle.

Tonette admits that she's not a pro at skiing or snowboarding. In fact, she's never been on a board, but has enjoyed skiing up in PA at Montage and Elk Mountain. Ice skating is her winter sport of choice [(no snickering ;-)], but having taken on this position and living so close to three different resorts, she vows to trade in her skates for boots and hit the slopes.

"I am very excited to be joining SkiSoutheast, and am more than ready to become a snow junkie at its finest," says Tonette.

You can write to Tonette at

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Joe Stevens

Joe is well known around the southeastern ski circles. Stevens was Director of Communications at Snowshoe Mountain Resort for 16 seasons with another 15 years prior to that in Richmond, Virginia newsrooms. Joe serves on numerous boards and committees and currently is a spokesperson for the West Virginia ski areas.

Joe has been a featured columnist on SkiSoutheast since 2005 and has written numerous articles for us, as well as for others promoting all of the southeastern ski resorts. Joe resides in Charleston, West Virginia, with his wife, Angie, and son, Christian. He is an avid snowboarder and marathon runner.

Stevens formed The Media Center, with partner Dan Shreve in October 2005 to assist partners in managing their corporate message. The Media Center is a multi-faceted communications and production business in Charleston designed to help companies, government agencies or others to access and communicate with the media.

The Media Center's satellite truck has performed uplinks for CNN, CBS, NFL Network, ABC, The Weather Channel, etc.

Joe Stevens and Mike Doble formed a friendship several years ago and Joe's insight, experience and knowledge of the industry has been a great asset to the website. Joe's column is "Joe Knows Snow"—and we say, "Why, YES he does!"

Visit the Media Center's website at

You can write to Joe at

Joe is pictured on the right with his son, Christian. Joe Stevens, a member of the southeast ski industry since 1990 is a regular columnist for and serves as the Communications Director for the West Virginia Ski Areas Association.

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Kenny Griffin (aka theKENDOG)

Kenny grew up in Concord, which is right outside of Charlotte. He just graduated from UNC Charlotte in December 2010 with a degree in meteorology. Kenny says, "I love all aspects of weather and it is a perfect field for me as it goes hand in hand with my favorite activity SNOWBOARDING! I have only been boarding for about four or five years now but in that time I have become completely addicted to it and am hooked for life."

Kenny shared that he used to be a total beach bum and even lived on Wrightsville Beach for a few years before visiting the High Country for the first time. He shared this all-too-familiar sentiment, "Now, I can't get enough of the mountains. I am excited to be up here now and can't wait to explore all that the region has to offer."

In his own words...
"I discovered this website a few years back and visit it on a daily basis. I lurked on the messageboard for a while before becoming actively involved and have met some very cool people because of it. Needless to say, I am VERY stoked to be a part of the team and I think I have a unique insight into what people want from the site seeing as I used to be on the outside looking in. I'm sure some people who are reading this have seen me on the mountain before. I am frequently at Beech Mountain and it’s not hard to spot me, as I usually have a camera on my head. I love to document my days on snow and have posted some videos on the messageboard before. If you ever see me out there, feel free to say hey!"

Kenny joined our staff to take over the daily snow reporting and FirsTrax column as well as handling numerous day to day ops that come up year around! He's also our resident weather guru plugging content into and is also handling the day to day operations of He's obviously excited about being an integral part of our future growth and we look forward to the next years with him as a part of our staff.

You can email Kenny directly at:

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Brad Panovich, Meteorologist

Brad began providing weather input for us and our visitors several years back when he was doing weekend weather for WCNC, NBC 6 in Charlotte, North Carolina. He's been a fan of the website for years and mentioned us on the air numerous times and during the 2008 season he began providing us with invaluable Winter Forecasts and forecast video input.

We asked Brad to join our staff prior to the 2009-2010 season to provide our visitors with video forecast updates every other morning throughout the season and those video updates are one of the more popular page visits each day since. Here's some more information on our snow loving weather guy!

In his own words...
Growing up outside of Cleveland, Ohio I've always been fascinated by severe weather. I love thunderstorms, tornadoes, blizzards and hurricanes. My parents thought I was crazy, but they soon realized I really loved this stuff!

By the time I was 6 years old I knew I wanted to be a meteorologist. I wanted to be a scientist, not some "TV weather guy," I wanted to chase storms and do research. Plus, those TV guys were always wrong and really weren't trained meteorologists (so I thought - wrongly, as it turned out some were). But at Copley High School in Copley, Ohio I got to take part in a mentorship program with a TV meteorologist and a National Weather Service meteorologist. I was really blown away by all the computers and technology the TV meteorologist used; and I really enjoyed making graphics. Not to mention the thing I love about weather the most is sharing my passion with others, even if they think I'm kind of strange.

I then picked my college based on the meteorology program. So naturally I attended The Ohio State University (by the way, 2002 National Champs in Football!). During my junior and senior years at OSU I was able to chase tornadoes with my fellow students and professors during Spring quarter. It was the best spring break I could have imagined.

After OSU I landed a job at the NBC station in Dayton, Ohio doing the morning shift. Soon another station came calling -- this time a smaller market FOX affiliate that offered a unique opportunity. They asked me to start an entire weather department from the ground up. I was to be their first Chief Meteorologist in Traverse City, Michigan. Talk about snow!

Now I am happy to be here at WCNC-TV as part of the First Warn Storm Team. I really love Charlotte and the proximity to the mountains and the beach. I'm an avid outdoor adventurer and the Carolinas provide me and wife Tammy and my dog lots of places to explore.

When I'm not working I still follow the weather, it's a passion that I've luckily turned into a career. I love biking, golfing, hiking and playing soccer and basketball.

If you see me around, feel free to ask me about the weather. It's my favorite topic of conversation.

Follow Brad on Twitter at:

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