Winterplace Ski Resort

Winterplace Ski Resort

Springtime Fun at Winterplace

Here's a shot from Winterplace Resort on Monday.  Spring was in full effect as sunshine and warmer temps prevailed, but you can see that the...

Amazing Late Season Conditions at Winterplace

Check out this photo from the other day at Winterplace in West Virginia. Looks fantastic! They've seen over 4 feet of snow...

Blasting the Slopes at Winterplace

Here's a shot from Winterplace the other day, showing some intense snowmaking going on.  Just look at how deep the snow is on the...

Blue Skies and Tons of Snow This Past Weekend at Winterplace

After a week of snowmaking and a little bit of natural snow, Winterplace was looking mighty fine on Saturday morning.
winterplace resort

Smiling Kids with Lids at Winterplace Resort!

January is National Safety Awareness Month and throughout the month we will be letting you know how you can stay safe while out on...

Grab Your Friends -There’s Still Time to Enjoy the Epic Weekend Conditions!

Friends and snow, what could be better.  Enjoying the best conditions of the year at Wintergreen.

Great Thanksgiving Weekend Conditions Abound

Winterplace, like the other resorts in the region, is looking very good.