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01.30.13 07:59 AM

Meteorologists Brad Panovich and Herb Stevens uploaded their newest ski and snowboard forecasts overnight. Both can be viewed back-to-back at:

The synopsis is that it will a rainy Wednesday with some thunderstorms possible along with winds in the 50-70 mph range! Yuck!

Let's get on past today and talk about Thursday through the weekend because it will be COLD and SNOW from Thursday through the weekend with some significants snows possible. Temperatures will nosedive as Canada "opens up the cold air" again. The Yukon is experiencing temps in the MINUS 60s and 70s right now and some of that cold air will filter down and into our region bringing temps down into the teens and single digits again.

That will make for GREAT snowmaking and along with some natural snows things should be awesome for your ski and snowboarding trip for the upcoming weekend and beyond.

I have a feeling that the Groundhog will be forecasting sixz more weeks of winter and while we haven't really HAD a normal winter just yet...maybe we still will. Remember that most weather gurus forecasted a backloaded winter and February is traditionally the snowiest month each stay tuned.


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