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Wow! What a Day We Had!

11.1.12 01:06 PM

Let me start by welcoming all of our new visitors -- glad to have you, guys and gals! Don't worry, loyal friends, you get a shout-out, too. Thanks to you ALL, our traffic was through the roof yesterday.

>Insert bragging rant here< alone had 29,582 visitors yesterday, during which we still were experiencing a few  "technical difficulties." Together with and, we had 64,548 visitors. Guess how many of those were new? I'll tell you, 67%.

...I'll give you a moment to register those numbers. And if you don't feel like it, just take my word for it, that's awesome!

You know how celebrities at the award shows always say "it's all because of you - the fans?" Well >insert clichéd line here< . It's true! We have a great group of followers. Without you guys, our work on and commitment to these sites would all be in vain. So, thanks for giving us something fun to do every day, and thanks for your undivided (or even slightly scattered) attention.

If you want to play an even bigger part in growing SkiSoutheast and Resortcams, spread the word, and be sure to follow us on Twitter @SkiSoutheast.

This image shows where all of our current visitors are located. Let's get this orange all over the map!  > >

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