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Thursday Ramblings

01.19.12 10:16 AM

Today is yet another morning where I am stoked to come into the office and write this report. Cold temperatures remain across the region and EVERY ski area is making snow right now.  Temperature readings are mainly in the upper teens and lower 20’s as I type this.  The wind has also died down significantly since yesterday, which is helping with snowmaking. Things are looking pretty nice right on the cams.

<<< Cataloochee is making snow this morning.  Man, things look pretty awesome out there and it looks like it's going to be a bluebird day! 

Massanutten is also blasting >>>> the slopes this morning.  It looks like a bluebird day up there as well!

The ski areas have been making snow for a good 30 hours straight now. Base depths have increased a few inches at a lot of places this morning. Like yesterday, today should offer some pretty good conditions no matter where you are. Here in NC, today should be an awesome day to get some turns in as it will be sunny and temps won’t be too bad at all.  The resorts up into Virginia will see much of the same.  Things might be a little cloudier in West Virginia, but it will be fun  nonetheless.  I am always looking at the cams during the day to see how things are and I have a feeling I’ll be yearning to be on the slopes today.

I was itchin to ride yesterday as well. I haven’t really been as motivated to ride this year as I usually am, mainly because of the weather. With the improved conditions over the last week or two though, I’m quickly getting back to my usual self. As soon as I got off work yesterday, I bolted home and got all of my gear together and headed to Beech for a night session. I hadn’t had a first chair all year, which is extremely odd for me. My friends will tell you I can be pretty annoying when it comes to being the first person to get to the mountain. I haven’t been that way this year, but last night I was dead set on getting first chair, and I did. It might have only been a night session first chair, but it still counts! I forgot how awesome untouched corduroy is. It was freezing cold and visibility was limited due to the fact that the guns were blasting the slopes, but it was definitely a good time.  I didn't get any pics though because it was so cold that I didn't want to take my gloves off.  Sorry! 

I’m heading back out tonight to either App or Beech. I’m leaning towards App right now just to mix things up, but either place is in great shape right now. The same can be said for every ski area. If you can get out and ride today, I’d highly suggest it as the weekend looks to be pretty crummy. I’ve been hinting at that fact over the past few days, and unfortunately nothing has changed. The good news is that a cold front will move through the region tonight, allowing for continued snowmaking for everyone. Some natural snow is also in the forecast for the West Virginia resorts.

The bad news is that underdeveloped snow begins to show it’s ugly face tomorrow night. Saturday and Sunday are going to be wet, there’s no way to sugar coat it. To make it worse, Monday and Tuesday look to be much of the same. Sigh. I hate typing that. It is what it is though.

All of the recent snowmaking and natural snow has allowed the ski areas to lay down a really good base, so even with the upcoming weather we shouldn’t see conditions deteriorate to what they were in December and earlier this month. Most everyone will be doing just fine by next week.  Nonetheless, it’s a bummer. The roller coaster continues…


It’s crazy how many emails we got yesterday once I announced the contest. Almost immediately, the ski inbox was getting bombarded. Remember, we’re giving away 2 nights lodging and 4 free lift tickets to App for the weekend of February 3rd and 4th, so make sure to submit and entry and like us on Facebook! For more info head on over to the CONTEST PAGE. Just a quick note, a lot of people yesterday were wondering why they were receiving an email with the subject as INSTANT VACATION WINNER after they submitted an entry. That is just a confirmation email. I’m going to change it today so that the subject is CONTEST CONFIRMATION or something along those lines. Sorry for the confusion!


I mentioned the summits last week, and I just thought I would give a little bit of an update. February 4th is the date for the SkiNC Summit at Beech Mountain Resort. I’m going to work on getting a page set up today with all the info and what not for that. It looks like lift tickets will be $40 for all messageboard members.

The Ski Southeast Summit at Snowshoe Mountain will be March 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. I have gotten confirmation from Mark Glickman that a discount of 25% off lodging will once again be offered to us this year. I’ll be talking to him later today to iron out some more details.

Like I said, I’ll be working today on getting both of these events planned and what not. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some more information for you guys. In the meantime, you might as well go ahead and join the messageboard as you won’t be able to participate in either unless you join!

Enjoy your Thursday everyone!

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