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What A Turnaround!

12.8.11 10:14 AM

What a difference 24 hours makes! The last few days have been kind of a downer with the weather and what not. Not this morning though! Webcams across the region are showing snow at just about every single ski area! Just about every resort saw some snowfall over the past 18 hours or so. Let’s take a look at who got what!

North Carolina
Beech – 2.7”
Sugar – 2-3”
App - trace
Wolf Ridge – 1.4”
Cataloochee – trace

Not as much snow fell here in North Carolina as was forecasted. This weather system took forever to get here, and then once it did it decided to speed up and move out really quickly. Regardless, this snow and cold weather is a welcome relief because quite frankly, things were looking pretty rough here.

Sugar is open once again today to the ¾ station. According to their site, they are planning on opening to the top tomorrow! They are also hoping to open Big Birch tomorrow. Perfect timing too, as Winterfest is this weekend.

Cataloochee has also re-opened today on 3 trails serviced by 2 lifts. I can’t see anything on the webcam right now, but that’s a good thing as there must be some INTENSE snowmaking going on right now. Also to note, they will only be day skiing today and tomorrow, and tubing will open up on Saturday.

Beech is also making snow right now. They have not announced a re-opening date, but if not tomorrow then they will definitely be open for the weekend. I’m sure those new snowmaking guns will lay down a ton of snow between now and then. I can’t wait to ride there on Sunday!

App is blasting their slopes right now as well. That place goes into full on blizzard mode when they turn the guns on! They haven’t announced an opening date just yet, but if I were a betting man I would say they will open up on Saturday. Don’t quote me on that though.

<<<< A blizzard warning is in effect at App this morning. 

West Virginia
Snowshoe – 4”
Canaan & Timberline – 10.1”
Winterplace – 4”

West Virginia definitely got the best of this storm. The underdeveloped snow became fully developed around mid-afternoon yesterday. I was watching the Canaan and Snowshoe cams and there were some FAT flakes! I mean, they were huge! Mike called them Charlie Brown flakes. Whatever they were, it was awesome and the ground quickly became covered!

Snowshoe is still on track to open tomorrow. I posted an announcement about it yesterday and you can read it by going here. Canaan, Timberline, and Winterplace have all announced that they will open next Saturday, December 17th. Between now and then colder temperatures are in the forecast so they should lay down a ton of snow. Conditions should be pretty sweet up there next weekend.

Just a heads up, the new Winterplace cam should be going live today. Look for it over on High Country Webcams here in the next few hours. I’m pretty stoked for it! Also, the weather station up there should be live tomorrow as well. Great stuff!

Wisp – 5”

Further north, Wisp saw 5 inches from this storm. They have announced that they too will open next Saturday, December 17th. With their ultra high-tech, state of the art snowmaking system, they should be able to make a ton of snow as well over the next week. I’ve never been there before, but I really want to make a trip up there sometime this year.

<<< It's a winter wonderland at Wisp this morning.

Ober Gatlinburg - 2"

Ober saw some natural snow as well.  The cam out there this morning looks pretty awesome!  I don't see anything about an opening date but I'm pretty interested to see if they could pull it off for this weekend.  Hmmmm.

As far as I can tell, the ski areas in Virginia (Bryce, Massanutten, Wintergreen) didn’t see any natural snow from this storm. I really thought they would but it seems the snow didn’t quite reach them. Regardless, colder temperatures are also in their forecast over the next week and they should be able to crank up the guns as well. Massanutten has announced that they are hoping to open on Tuesday, December 13th. I haven’t heard anything out of Bryce or Wintergreen, but I’d imagine they will announce something here soon.

Woo, that was a lot of stuff to go over. Especially since I typed it all in once and accidentally hit refresh, therefore losing all of what I had typed. Woops!

It’s pretty crazy how it can be so slow in terms of snow news and then BAM, once the snow starts falling everything picks up so quickly. I’m definitely not complaining because I love it! I think winter has finally arrived…for good!

So it looks like by next weekend we should see all of the ski areas in the region open for business. Of course we will keep you updated on any news that we get in here. Remember, High Country Web Cams and High Country Weather offer live views and up to date weather conditions around the region. See ya tomorrow folks.

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