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Marketing for Ski Resorts in the Southeast

What Do You Guys Mean by a "Three Pronged Effort to Market Tourism?

Simply put, if "all" we did was publish and promote the BEST ski website east of the Rockies, then we'd have an obvious appeal to those potential visitors. Based on Google Analytics our January 1-December 31, 2011 Traffic was: 2,436,728 Unique Visitors!

However, MANY more people come to the mountains of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic for things OTHER THAN just skiing and snowboarding!

Many of our visitors during the winter months simply love a "Winter Wonderland Getaway" to hike and visit the area when it snows, and for the Holidays and for the "Holiday Ambience" of the region.

THOSE people also want to plan their getaways with accurate weather information and road conditions. For THOSE people we originally created and subsequently and!

Nearly ONE MILLION of these visitors used our WEATHER CONTENT which now includes LIVE WEATHER STATIONS at most of the ski areas and ski communities.

The people who LOVE the mountains now know that they can log onto their computers and SEE the areas they love via LIVE WEBCAMS and offers that production "on steroids!" We've added a dedicate video server on a ONE GIG PER SECOND upload which allows us to broadcast streaming HD views to all of our visitors as well as the television partners who use our images!

This THREE-PRONGED MARKETING EFFORT is attracting ALL of the people that YOU WANT to do business with!

Advertising Contact For SkiSoutheast :

The phone number listed here is for ADVERTISING CONTACT ONLY. If you are interested in advertising, call our offices at 828-963-7286 and ask for Mike.

If you are inquiring about ANYTHING OTHER THAN ADVERTISING, please feel free to use the form above or you can send us an e-mail to, and we will be happy to answer your inquiry usually the same day during the season.

Due to the volume of inquiries that we receive per day, we are simply NOT able to assist those kinds of questions via our phone lines.