A Wet Granular Day

The warm spell has settled in and the weather folks are predicting rain to start today and tonight and to go into tomorrow.  This is hit or miss at the resorts of course as these are macro predictions and you should check with your resort of destination before making any decisions.  The ResortCams are a great place to start.

Sugar Mountain
Clouds hanging over Sugar Mountain this morning.

I’m not going to go into the weather too much, mainly because I’m just repeating what other people are saying, and why not just get the weather straight from the experts.  Brad Panovich, Chief Meteorologist out of Charlotte, North Carolina is back with us for another year and has posted his first weather report covering the weekend and into Christmas week.  You can check out his forecast here.  I love the detail as he explains the why.

If you guys are like me, family is starting to arrive for the holidays and things are very hectic around the house.  I have a 7 year old son who, as those of you with kids know, has been waiting for this for about 11 months – that much time has given him ample opportunity to plan exactly how this is going to go down.  The grandparents are down from Michigan, where they left in the middle of a storm that had so far dropped 4”, and all is well.  So, let’s get right to it.

For the most part, conditions have not changed too radically from yesterday.  Appalachian Ski Mountain and Beech are both down an inch in base, while Massanutten is down 2".  Sugar Mountain is minus two runs this morning, Sugar Slalom and Tom Terrific.  If you head to the top of Sugar today, Northridge is your way down.  Sugar’s base cam shows plenty of snow so no need to fret if you’re heading up there today.

The base of Sugar Mountain
The base cam at Sugar Mountain

On the other side of the coin, Timberline keeps opening stuff up and is plus one run today.

Timberline Resort
Timberline has some snow!

Our Northern most resort, Wisp, has opened up 2 more runs (I need to start keeping better records of exactly what runs are open – I’ll work on that) but is also reporting a loss of about 4” to their base.  Wisp took the biggest hit of our member resorts, but they have also had their fair share of natural snow this year, which can’t take a hit from adverse conditions as well as the manmade stuff can.

You guys enjoy your Saturday.  If you’re at the resorts today have fun.  Today MIGHT be the better day of the weekend as it appears that the rain will settle in across the area tomorrow.  Cold temps return in a big way starting Monday night, so like I said in yesterday’s post – this is just a bump, or better yet a mogul.

Take care out there today.  Talk to you again tomorrow.

Tim Bahlke
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