A Not So Good Record Set By SkiNC / SkiSoutheast Today!

We’re not one to shy away from pointing the finger at ourselves for a slightly dubious record that we can hope we’ll never see duplicated or surpassed.  We JUST posted today’s ski report across the board, just in time for the last three hours of skiing. I know, funny huh?

I want to take this moment to make a statement that might come off a little weird to some, but doggone it I feel led to say it and I don’t really care who takes offense to it or who might think it unprofessional or not polished enough for a site of the stature that SkiNC and SkiSoutheast have grown to.  I want to thank each and every member of our family, friends, and  visitors who personally said prayers on my behalf yesterday and today. I won’t elaborate except to say that I feel very confident that I would not have made it through some trying times recently without those prayers and I want to publicly thank THE ONLY GOD of this universe and HIS Son, for whom I am celebrating this Christmas (not Holiday) Season for.  Thank each of you! Enough said.

Okay, we’re back in the saddle…and hopefully for another ten seasons without another major blowup.

Look for an early update AM Wednesday.

Until Next Time!

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Mike Doble
Mike is the Editor and founder of SkiSoutheast.com, SkiNC.com and ResortCams.com. Since September 1996 he has posted close to 14,000 posts, articles, photos and videos promoting all of the ski areas of North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland.Mike is the father of four daughters, is an avid skier and enjoys golf, tennis, kayaking and hiking in the mountains. Winter snowsports and Summer boating on Watauga Lake are among his favorite pastimes.