Top Ten Reasons To Enjoy Cross Country Skiing This Winter

Top Ten Reasons To Enjoy Cross Country Skiing This Winter

There are tons of reasons why you should give Cross Country Skiing a try.

10. You care about fitness. Cross country skiing is the Number One aerobic exercise. Skiing at a moderate pace, a 175-pound man can burn as many as 800 calories per hour. Circulation improves. Blood pressure lowers. Every muscle group is used. It’s low risk, non-jarring exercise.

9. You don’t want to hibernate just because it’s winter. You want to leave the cell phone in your briefcase, get off the Expressway and onto the trail. Cross Country skiing works for your mind and spirit, as well as your body.

8. Cross Country Skiing in the High Country is FREE. Other areas in the northeast have special cross country trails and charge from $5 to $18 to partake.

7. You can see the mountains of the High Country like you’ve never seen it before. Driving by our scenic mountains in a car just doesn’t come close to seeing our area in all of it’s winter splendor.

6. You want a lifetime sport that won’t take a lifetime to learn. While you should get a lesson before attempting any really steep trails…most of the parkway areas are perfect for beginners.

5. There’s nothing more romantic than a few nights at a classic inn, guest ranch or rental cabin to light a fire or rekindle a flame. Cross country skiing, gourmet meals, candlelight, ah…how romantic.

4. No one is ever too old or too young to cross country ski. Seniors love it because you can ski at your own pace for as long (or as short) a time as you wish, many enjoying the sport well into their eighties. Families (even toddlers as young as two) can glide together and you can even bring the baby along on a pull (sled).

3. Cross country ski equipment has dramatically improved. It’s lightweight, and easy to maneuver…And it’s affordable. (A good package of skis, boots and poles will average about $225).
2. She skis. Nearly 60 percent of those who ski at cross country centers are women. You’ll especially like the fitness value, and also the camaraderie the sport offers.

1. The number one reason you should make cross country skiing a big part of your life this winter: IT’S FUN!

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