The Gift of SNOW for Valentine’s Day

The Gift of SNOW for Valentine’s Day

Now this is what I'm talking about! Just over half of the 16 resorts got snow last night. A few more turned on the guns, and all saw a drop in temperature. The pattern continues — "the season of recovery" as Mike named it back in January. We get snow just in time to allow for great holiday conditions, and that's what happening right now.

Timberline this morning, the line for lift tickets! >>

Here's a look at how the resorts are shaping up for President's Day weekend:

App-         12/12 slopes open              39-69" base     26 º      Making snow

Cat-          16/17 slopes open              48-48" base     24 º      Trace of snow; Making snow

Sapphire-  100% open                        20-40"base      30.3 º

Beech-      15/15 slopes open             24-64" base     17 º      .8" new snow; Making snow

Sugar-      19/20 slopes open             39-81" base     23 º      .8"new snow; Making snow

Wolf-        10/22 slopes open             32-40" base     23 º     

Bryce-      100% open                        34" base          33 º     

Mass-       100% open                        38" base         29 º      Trace of snow

Hmstd-    6/10 slopes open                38" base         33 º     

Wtgrn-     25/26 slopes open             30-60" base    24 º      Making snow

Canaan-   38/42 slopes open            12-24" base    24 º      4.6" new snow

Snowshoe- 52/60 slopes open          20-46" base    25 º      1" new snow; Making snow

Tmbrlne-   35/40 slopes open           12-55" base    24 º      4" new snow; Making snow

Wntrplce-  27/27 slopes open           30-56" base    27 º      Trace of snow

Wisp-         29/32 slopes open           20" base         25 º      3" new snow

Ober-         7/9 slopes open              10-20" base    32 º

A few more notables:

Snowshoe (pictured left) announces with a video that "over 1.5 feet of snow has fallen in February" already and it's only the 14th! Happy Valentine's Day, by the way!

Wisp shared a clip, as well, showing their winter wonderland – "snow has started, with more accumulation on the way!"

Canaan posted on Facebook late last night, "A few inches of snow so far this afternoon. Calling for another 3-5" tonight, with chance of snow on Friday and Saturday. Looks like a powder weekend in the valley. We still have a few rooms open for those last minute reservations. Don't miss out on awesome skiing and tubing conditions this weekend!"

Timberline's looking forward to the next few days and recently posted, "SNOW. This is real snow country again this weekend. See you there."

Take a look at the webcams and you'll see that every resort looks about the same — beautiful and covered in white! As does Beech this morning >>

I'm excited for this weekend and I don't even get to go out. If you think the conditions are great now, just wait. Snow hasn't left the building yet; yes, more is in the forecast, and there's still time to make some. By tomorrow, you'll be chomping at the bit.

Have a wonderful Thursday! And if you're reading this without having a gift for a loved one, don't forget that lift passes are always fun 😉 and who doesn't enjoy a spur-of-the-moment trip (hint, hint, Matthew Fisk 😉 ?

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*Heart photo courtesy of Beech Mtn 2013

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