She’s Bacckkkkk

She’s Bacckkkkk

Happy Monday, guys! Some of you may be thinking, "oh no, she's back!" 😉 I am sure you all look forward to 'hearing' Mike's voice throughout the week as you 'sit and suffer' through my accounts, and thoroughly enjoy his weekend entertainment – as do I. While I don't know if I'll ever surpass his wit and charm, I can assure you I'm committed to, at the very least, doing the site justice and representing the sport well. Ideally, you'll all come to accept me and enjoy your 'T-Time' (that's me) too.

Have I gotten anyone's pity vote? …because that's not what I'm asking for! Don't hold back – I'll earn your interest one way or another, sooner or later 😉 Mark my words!

On a side note, I have to thank you for the challenge. As a result, I keep telling myself not to worry, as soon as I get out on the slopes, everything will click and I'll instantly develop a better approach. That's what I'm missing right now and just what the doctor ordered – a day spent on the snow taking it all in. I'm anxiously waiting for the opportunity.

In the meantime…

The bad news for today is that the milder temps have caused four out of the five open resorts' bases to decrease slightly. Take a look at the minor damage:

App's Base Yesterday 10-20"              App's Base Today  8-16"

Cat's Base Yesterday  12-36"              Cat's Base Today  10-34"

Beech's Base Yesterday  14-30"         Beech's Base Today  12-30"

Below is a glimpse at the three, respectively >>


Sugar's Base Yesterday  11-35"          Sugar's Base Today  10-34"

Snowshoe is the one resort who managed to maintain their base of 17-34 inches. Ed Schneider confirms that "the slopes are still in great shape." He doesn't think the warm spell will get in the way. And this is the good news for today – maybe not for all five resorts, but one can hope… So, think cold, colder, coldest.

Since this article is already all over the place, allow me to throw in another topic (speaking of Snowshoe) — be sure to check out the video of the day. It shows a first-time skier at the age of 66 making his first turns at Snowshoe last week. Schneider comments, "He did fantastic and was a great sport for letting me tag along." Check it out – I'm sure you all remember your first time.

That's it for me today, but NOT for you — if you haven't already, take a look at our Day 3 CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY and don't forget to follow ALL (and by all, I mean two – how hard is that?) steps for a chance to win! While you're at it, follow us on Twitter – some of the upcoming contests will involve tweeting (can we make it any easier for you?).

Check back Wednesday for more 'T-time.' Kenny will be with you tomorrow!

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