Morning Routine – Check SkiSoutheast, Facebook, and…

Morning Routine – Check SkiSoutheast, Facebook, and…

Well, it's Wednesday – that's about the only thing that's different from yesterday 😉 Bases are nice, temps are nice, conditions are all nice! A few resorts reported a few more inches of natural snowfall over the night, and some of them have the guns turned on today. Let's enjoy this static state while we can.

There were reports that some areas could see some heavier rainfall tomorrow night, but according to our trusty weather gurus, the "axis has since shifted" so the slopes may be in the clear. No snow is in the forecast, but who needs new snow when you have bases from six inches to 84 inches? We'll keep you posted on the imminent weather patterns.

The most notable change when doing the snow report this morning was Snowshoe's jump in open terrain, with 50 of their 60 slopes available for access. The update on their website reads, "Mountaineer Parks has opened our brand new Skill Builder Park at Silver Creek. It is built on a concept that we call “Terrain Based Learning." The park has very gentle rollers, mellow banked turns and small basic shapes. These elements help teach the core elements of skiing and riding. There are no rails, boxes or jumps. This is a great place for all skiers and riders to hone their skills and build to the next level."

Of course, we want you guys to be able to come to us for the latest and the greatest – it's much more convenient to keep up with all 17 ski resorts via one resource as opposed to checking all 17 separately – but it's never a bad idea to do just that, as well. While a few of the resorts' sites could afford to be a little better maintained, they do offer valuable information that sometimes we can't get to you fast enough.

Another source is Facebook. Not all resorts have an account, and I realize not every one of our readers do either, but for those of you who do, think about searching for your favorite resort on there. As if we need another way to waste our time 😉 right? In this case though, it could pay off. For example, on Monday, Canaan Valley featured a little contest – inviting users to guess how much snow they'd receive by 7am this morning, and those who entered by yesterday morning would be eligible to win two lift tickets. Sorry, we didn't get that one to you sooner!

In addition to finding out about fun challenges like that, you'll also see some cool photos (like the one to the left from App Ski Mtn the other day). Chances are it's easier for the resorts to add pictures to their Facebook pages than to their websites; not to mention, visitors post pictures from their recent trips and tag the resorts all the time. Another advantage is the ability to write (and read) recommendations and reviews.

We'll continue to do our best to provide you with as much information as you want and when you want it, but keep in mind the reason for our site. The 17 ski resorts are who we feature, and they're who you're interested in learning more about, so if we can help them gain more traffic to their own websites, Facebook accounts, etc., that's what we'll do. Thanks for reading, guys and gals!

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