Maggie Valley Ski Conditions

Maggie Valley Ski Conditions

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Ever since opening for Maggie Valley NC Skiing in 1961, Cataloochee Ski Resort has kept records of its snowfall and Maggie Valley Ski Conditions. Located in a pristine mountainous area surrounded by peaks of both the Great Smokies and the Blue Ridge Mountains, Cataloochee Ski Area receives a fair amount of Maggie Valley Snowfall each winter and creates a winter wonderland that is quite popular with snow lovers, skiers and snowboarders from all around. In years past, the Maggie Valley Snow Report has reported annual figures on Maggie Valley Snowfall that top out anywhere from 50 inches to almost 70 inches! In the past decade, the annual Maggie Valley Snowfall has been recorded at anywhere from 67 inches (the ‘05/‘06 season) to last year’s 26 inches. According to the Maggie Valley Ski Weather report, this winter will be a particularly frigid one with many deep snows. Let’s hope it’s a record breaker!

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