Labor Day Signals the End of Summer

Labor Day Signals the End of Summer

Story by Mike Doble – [email protected]  

Autumn doesn’t begin until September 22nd this year, however Labor Day always kind of signals the end of summer for me. That’s even more the case this year. We usually prolong "lake season" as long as possible, however with our Gamecock football schedule this season and other trips and weekends already pretty much booked up, we closed up the boats yesterday. The skiboat was buttoned up; the furniture and canvases were all taken in or down and everything was locked up. Even the kayaks are now stored. So I guess I’m "done" with Watauga Lake until late Spring of 2013. THAT, my friends, is hard to believe.

So I guess I’m officially not wearing ‘white’ anymore this year. (Anyone who knows me, knows what a fashion plate I am. (Sarcasm inserted.))

With that, I’m on to "Fall fun endeavors". College football, fun hikes and rec soccer here I come!

Labor Day also signals all of the ski areas that we are now on a short countdown before the first snows fall and temperatures nosedive allowing for snowmaking, etc. Here at SkiSoutheast-land we are moving forward with plans to revamp the website and delivery a little bit. We’re jumpstarting our contacts with all of the ski areas this week. We plan on being in touch with every ski resort in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic over the next two weeks to formulate our promotional strategies with each. We’ll be updating you guys on What’s New for 2012-2013 and we’re installing EVEN MORE cameras and weather stations. We already have two resorts that have ordered additional LIVE streaming cams!


This past Friday Kenny Griffin and I were hanging off the side of a two story building at the corner of Main Street and Sunset Drive in Blowing Rock to install a new streaming web cam in downtown Blowing Rock. Blowing Rock has always been one of (if not THE) most requested area to host a camera however we’ve just not been able to coordinate all that necessary to make it happen until now.

The camera should go LIVE today, September 4th at some point. You can visit it at:  

Blowing Rock is always popular because of it’s small-town, village look and feel. This new camera will provide great shots of the Blowing Rock Park and Main Street people watching. There’s also some great Fall color available via this new cam and the Christmas parade and downtown lighting should be gorgeous to view as well. When it snows, this will be the place to be to watch some of the "winter wonderland magic" of the High Country come to life.

You haven’t LIVED until you’re hanging from your abdomen and up – over a ledge with all of the blood rushing to your head attempting to hang a webcam – while tourists and shopkeepers stand below you shouting, "Whatcha doing?", "What is that?", etc.  What should have taken 15 minutes took three times as long while I politely asked each, "Would you mind moving six feet or so away so I don’t drop anything on your head!"

Stay tuned…as we’re now in "countdown mode" here at and we’ll be updating you as often as we can about some of the new strategies we have on tap for this season!

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