"Peak Season Conditions…FINALLY…IN PEAK SEASON."

We read that statement on a couple of websites this morning, however base depths are not quite reflecting that statement except that, as Joe Stevens says, you're only riding on the top 4-6" and anything else is just "planning for the future". In other words they need all that additional base for days ahead when they can't make snow. Any additional base depths are for spreading around over thin coverage areas later in the Spring…HOPEFULLY.

There's STILL lots of SNOW on the ground atop Beech Mountain this morning! Image was from the new LIVE, SLOPESIDE CAM!

We're looking at nice conditions everywhere, although the only snowmaking that took place LAST NIGHT OR THIS MORNING was at Beech Mountain and Sugar Mountain for certain. Cataloochee reported it, but there's no sign of that via their webcams and they do their reporting the evening before each day. So we're thinking that really only Beech and Sugar made snow and BOTH were STILL making snow this morning as of 9am. It was 26° when I started this report and now 29.3 at 9am so those snowmaking ops will probably cease in another hour which is GREAT for the MLK weekend visitors.


Lots of snow tubing, terrain parks and ice skating open. Again check the SNOW REPORT for those. Everyone has good to great conditions today. No need to single out those individually. Let's just talk about who has how much open.


WOLFNC.COM: Man I don't know what to tell you guys EXCEPT that they are reading our posts everyday. The website was UP on Saturday telling anyone who visited that they were NOW the new management of Wolf Ridge Resort. NOW IT IS DOWN AGAIN! NOW the site is under maintenance again. I PRESUME that they announced THAT too early as well as their announcement LAST WEEK that the resort was under new ownership. THAT didn't go down, and I guess neither did the new management thing.  Either THAT or there's a ton of misrepresentation going on over in Mars Hill – and we DON'T mean from Wolf Ridge Resort (proper), but from someone over there who MUST either be saying things that are NOT TRUE or they are talking well ahead of when they should be. Someone is messing with Orville, or the general public.

There just seems to be some overzealous, immature goings on as messages keep getting shared and unshared. Orville, Charles? You DO know that there is evidently a representation of Wolf on Facebook that you guys are not doing right? See:

Of course nothing is being claimed on it about new management, new ownership or anything of real value there.

Orville told us to "cool it" a couple of weeks back and nobody over there is talking except for area residents and business owners and they're wondering the same things we are. "What the heck is going on over there?"

Anyone REALLY in the know? Email me at: [email protected]

Meanwhile the real, intended owners, managers and website report is in this morning's tour below.  THE SAGA CONTINUES…


I do our snow reporting every morning and part of that process is to view all of the ski area slope reports via their websites, emails and PDFs that they send us, etc. We also CALL when a report is not shared and we look at associational websites as well. We add in individual reports from readers and come to the snow report that we share. Of ALL of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic ski resorts, ONE STANDS above the rest and I just simply thought I'd share that with the masses this morning.

Which ski resort has the best, easiest, clearest, one-click snow report?

Winterplace Resort – by far.

Every ski area should copy it…period. See Winterplace's report at:


Today I'm going to give the "independents" first press. All of ski areas are "members of a conference" – meaning affliated with a state, while these first two are their lone state representatives.

MARYLAND AND TENNESSEE REPORT: They are holding steady with what they were reporting on Saturday. Wisp looks great today and Ober could use some snowmaking. Both will be able to make snow either tonight or Monday night.

WISP: 32°; Same 25 of 32

OBER: 39°; Same 3 of 9

NORTH CAROLINA REPORT: Snowmaking and groomed conditions make for mid season conditions. The only snowmaking in the region took place in the Tarheel State last night and this morning.

APPALACHIAN: 34°; Same 10 of 12

BEECH MTN: 26°; Same 12 of 15; made and making snow as long as temps allow. They look GREAT via both LIVE STREAMS. See: and (really liking the slopeside cam)

CATALOOCHEE: 32.3°; Added 2 trails; now 11 of 17

SUGAR MTN: 27°; Same 15 of 20; making snow as long as temps allow. The Sugar Ski & Country Club webcams looks GREAT this AM. See:

SAPPHIRE: 38°; No Report; call ahead. They were Grooming this AM so they APPEAR to be opening although their website says nothing of it.

WOLF RIDGE: 33°; Same 6 of 20

WEST VIRGINIA REPORT: None of the WV resorts made snow as all temps hovered right AT or slightly above freezing. Conditions across the state still look quite nice.

CANAAN: 35°; Same 13 of 42; Kenny/David? Where's that webcam?

SNOWSHOE: 39°; Added 2 Trails and now have 45 of 60. They are reporting 43 trails open on their website but we're pretty certain they have 45 today with very nice coverage. Snowmaking returns tonight for certain.

TIMBERLINE: 29°; Down 1 Trails and now report 16 of 40; The LIVE CAM is already showing busy slopes and the possibility of some snow making??? Not reporting it though and we think the temps are a bit over freezing. CLICK TO SEE CAM



VIRGINIA REPORT: Not exactly peak season conditions, but all in all looking good for today with snowmaking temps coming hopefully tonight or Monday night! Virginia could do with some "lovin' from Ma Nature in the form of snowmaking temps. None of the Virginia resorts saw cold enough temps to make snow overnight or this AM.

BRYCE RESORT: 44.9°; Same 5 of 8. You can't make snow at 45°! Conditions look pretty good though via: Slopes are creeping in on the sides, but they have good coverage.

MASSANUTTEN: 42°; Added 1 Trail and now have 8 of 14. Watching birds flying by this morning via: They look in good condition for today and are READY for some snowmaking temps which should be their Sunday night.

HOMESTEAD: 37°; Same 4 of 10

WINTERGREEN: 34.5°; Added 1 Trail and now 14 of 26

THAT'S it for me this Sunday. COLD, actually FRIGID temps are headed our way! The coldest temps of the season hit around Tuesday and then we see near NORMAL temps for mid week and then more FRIGID temps hit for next weekend. That spells GREAT conditions at YOUR favorite ski hill for the days ahead. Make those reservations and visit your favorite ski resort soon. For that matter mix it up and try a place that you HAVEN'T skied or snowboarded before. Check Brad Panovich's ski and snowboarders forecast for the region at:


Email me your thoughts and reactions at: [email protected]

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