A Bit Chiller This Morning

A Bit Chiller This Morning

The temperatures at the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic ski slopes are decidedly cooler than yesterday.  The colder weather is definitely good though right now.  It also brought along some snow for the ride and enabled the resorts that did not get any of the natural stuff to make their own.  Let’s take a look first at who got Mother Nature's blessing.

Fresh Snowfalls

Canaan Valley: 2”
Snowshoe: 4”
Timberline: 2”
Winterplace: 2”
Wisp: 2”

Our friends to the north are still getting lots of snow.  It is even more impressive when you look at the 72 hour totals.

72 Hour Snow Totals

Canaan Valley: 10”
Snowshoe: 7”
Timberline: 7”
Winterplace: 3”
Wisp: 10:

That is some good powder being laid down for the weekend! 

North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia were left out of the natural snow, but a number of the resorts made their own.  Appalachian, Cataloochee, Sapphire Valley, The Homestead, and Ober all made hay.  While most of these resorts are reporting the same base as yesterday, meaning the snow they are laying down is just enough to keep up with attrition, Cataloochee was able to improve their base by 2” to 58-88”.

We got some news out of Sapphire yesterday.  This weekend will be their last for the season!  They have officially announced that they will close for the season after the session on Sunday March 2nd.  Sapphire is going out in style though by offering up a deal.

Last Weekend Deal at Sapphire Valley Ski Resort

Plus, and this is very impressive indeed, they are not resting on their laurels and are making snow this morning!   They are definitely going out with a bang by making sure the last weekend is as good as any peak weekend.

Making Snow at Sapphire Valley Ski Resort

Kudos to Sapphire, and we will miss you.  It is always sad to see one of our friends leave us.  So, head to Sapphire Valley if you’re searching for something to do this weekend.  It will be your last chance to make turns until December or so.

As you head out, you will be greeted with an abundance of sunshine today!  Canaan Valley, Snowshoe, Timberline, and Wisp will all have a bluebird day.  It’s hard to beat fresh snow and blue skies!  You will have to contend with a bit of wind however.  Canaan Valley, Snowshoe, Timberline, and Wisp are all under Wind Chill Advisories this morning until 10am.  We definitely have a theme going today – it’s the West Virginia show.  Good for them and the skiers and riders who can make it up to these hills today, tomorrow, and the weekend. 

Hey – did you guys know that Skisoutheast is heading up to Snowshoe this weekend?  Be sure to check out the message boards for the latest details.

Lots of snow at Snowshoe Ski Resort
Lots of good quality snow awaits us at Snowshoe

Starting next week, most of the resorts start thinking spring and as a result ramp up their spring skiing promos.  Beech Mountain is giving us weekday pricing every day for the remainder of the season starting on Monday March 3rd.  Ober Gatlinburg has their big Spring Fling on Sunday March 9th.  They are having a retro dress contest and all kinds of  others contests.  Check out the details in our events calendar.

Before I go, I came across this pretty cool video on weather.com, The Science Behind the Snowflake.

You guy take care out there today.  It’s going to be a great day at the slopes and we’re still very much in primetime!

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