The best way to describe the messageboard is to invite you to simply go look at it and read some of the threads and comments.  You can do that by clicking this link! It's FREE!

Simply stated though, the SkiSoutheast.com messageboard is basically an online ski community that is visited thousands of times daily by more than
1,900 registered members! 420 of those members have posted in the last month and there's been more than 249,000 posts! More often than not you'll find at least 60-100 members on the board at a time and there's always some colorful fun commentaries happening!

We have tens of thousands of people just like YOU who read it daily just for entertainment and to get answers to their questions about all things to do with skiing and snowboarding in the Southeast!

Another way to look at it is that the SkiSoutheast.com Messageboard is like a VIRTUAL SKI CLUB! You can JOIN FREE and take advantage of great discounts and you never have to meet up to communicate!  All you have to do is login and meet with friends from all over the region. When and if you like, you can even meet up with members to make turns at your favorite ski resort!

CLICK HERE TO JOIN! or simply Click here to go to the messageboard! and see what's going on right now!

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